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About Enjoy4fun

Survival 456 But It Impostor

About Survival 456 But It Impostor

Are you a fan of Challenge Survival 456? Or you are a fan of Impostor Crewmate? Join us in Survival 456 But It's Impostor game. A combination of two top-notch theme games can make you satisfied? Old but gold! Now, this red light folk game is available on smartphones and you can play it anywhere, whenever you want. Not only the red, green light game but also four classic iconic games are for you. Easy to play but not easy to win.

How to play Survival 456 But It Impostor online?

How to play Survival 456 But It's Impostor game: ϟ Touch the player to move ϟ Run fast while the doll is counting ϟ Stand still when the doll turns its head ϟ Be one of the 5 people to finish first ϟ The game will end if you reach the finish line late and let the red light see you move